As a CLUCA point of sale, you benefit from wholesale prices and periodic promotions. When you are logged in as a customer, all prices are displayed excluding 21% VAT. Most items are present in our warehouse and are delivered directly from stock.


Fashion retailers in heavy weather. It is a trend in the recent period. But is it limited to the major fashion brands? Unfortunately we also see problems at the local fashion stores. Large investments with too much dependence on factors that cannot be predicted. The weather, the latest trends. When everything is correct, there is little reason to complain. Unfortunately we have been seeing for a while that things are not going well.


Of course you have to be able to show the correct product, otherwise you can't sell. But what do you influence, so that your turnover is less of a gamble? CLUCA offers a solution with short-term collections. By switching well at the start of a season, we can already put the first factors out of play: the weather and current trends.

Then there remains: your investment. A risk and money that is stuck in your inventory. CLUCA also knows itself to be an extremely suitable partner. Because if we think we can respond to the weather and the latest trends, we dare to bear the risk by not having to buy from us in advance. That way you keep your investment until it is healthy to replenish your stock. And of course only articles that you decide yourself at that time that they fit the season and trends.


We deliver fantastic women's fashion from stock and have no purchasing obligations. Your margin on all items is at least 2.8 to 3.0. Ordered today, delivered quickly and paid for afterwards. Sometimes doing business is not that difficult at all!

To register as a point of sale, we ask you to contact us via and provide your name and address details, after which you will receive the information required to log in. Every application is assessed by sector. We aim for a processing time of a maximum of 1 day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!